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Pinto - Hand-Lettered Font
Type designer Georg Herold-Wildfellner of foundry FaceType has created the hand-lettered Pinto font family in 2014.
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Feldman Residence | WAV


"Let go" by Jordan Hu | http://www.behance.net/hularious
"This 24" x 36" poster design is inspired by the song, "Let go" by Frou Frou. There are but only a couple of select songs that I have kept over the years and this is one of them. I first heard this song years ago back in middle school and to this day, it is still on my playlist. The overall mood of the song is airy, soothing, and you can almost feel the atmospheric quality about it. For myself personally, whenever I listen to this song, something about her voice and the tempo takes me to a place that is almost otherworldly."Jordan Hu is a graphic designer based in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to graphic design, he is well versed in illustration, photography, and videography. Jordan enjoys integrating various interests through different mediums with graphic design in order to further his work. If asked to describe his “style,” Jordan would say that his work has an element of time and nostalgia, as he is a long-time enthusiast in capturing that singular magical moment that is only ascertained through candidness.

Mundo do Artesanato – Brand and Package Design by Sweety Branding Studio
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Stickers by KuoCheng Liao
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Tel Aviv Townhouse | WAV